Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A really big update.

Hey everyone.
For the last few days our internet has been down so I´ve got a lot to update.
Last thing I posted was about the futbol game. It was very rainy and we lost. Had a blast anyway. Lots of fun, enjoyed the atmosphere of the game. People chanting, on their feet, everyone clapping in unison. Definately a good experience. Also added 3 camera phone pics. from the game to the slideshow/flickr account.
This weekend was Fiesta De Las Naciones at our school. Each class was assigned a country and had to have a stand with information and food for sale. We also had to march in one of the shortest parades I´ve ever done, do a dance show from our country, and demonstrate a sport typical to that country. The theme of FDLN this year was space and our class got the U.S. How convienent. Our class did a great job representing the US through our dancing, (though Native American stereotypes know no borders), and we were to only country who´s national sport wasn´t fighting. Some of the other sports presentations were absolutely horrible (Egypt having a terribly fake sword fight with cardboard swords) while others were pretty good (China demonstrating real martial arts while using such weapons as bow staffs, numchucks, and real katanas.) The guys of our class demonstrated the essentials of baseball followed by the girls who did a cheerleading routine. All in all I think FDLN was a big success.
Spanish is going well. I´m starting to understand more and more of what´s going on around me. I still find that listening into general conversation is hard because they speak a lot more rapidly, but things are moving along. The other day I realized that I can tell for the most part the difference between Paraguayan Spanish and East-Brazilian Portugese. There is a slight sound difference that you start to pick up on. Don´t know what it means, but I can tell what language it is. Another thing you pick up really quickly is listening beyond the words. Sometimes I find that I skip words while listening to people but I get the message of the missed words based on tone.
The other day I got to go to Centro again and do some shopping and browsing. I got myself a really nice set of pens for school. Unfortunately I didn´t have enough money with me for the shoes I was looking at so those will have to wait for another day.
I finally got my passport back from AFS. Now I can apply to be a memeber of the country club and start golf lessons. Can´t wait.
One cultural thing that was brought to my attention early on is that facial hair here is often seen as unattractive. I didn´t bring my razor with me because honestly that´s one more electronic device I don´t want to have to deal with finding a converter for. So since I´ve been here I´ve started to learn the art of shaving with a non-electric razor. I think I´m starting to get the hang of it as now I can shave and come out of it with only one tiny cut instead of several all over my face.

That´s all folks...

Big Update

Monday, October 12, 2009

El Partido

I´m starting to get excited because this Wednesday I´m going with my host family to Asuncion to see the futbol game. Paraguay vs. Columbia. On Friday my parents gave me something that made me really happy. I now have my very own Paraguay jersey! Rojo y Blanco! I can´t wait. Unfortunately they don´t let people take cameras into the games unless you have a press pass so any pics that I will get at the game will be from my camera phone.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lost and Found

Haven´t updated in a bit so I figured now was as good of a time as any.

I´m a bit annoyed right now because today after school as I was leaving I realized I had forgotten my robotics hoodie in my last class. I hurried back to the art room to find my hoodie wasn´t there. I´m guessing someone saw that I had left it and picked it up. Hopefully I´ll be able to track it down tomorrow.
On a different note tonight there is a birthday party for one of my classmates. I´m probably going to go, sounds fun.
I still haven´t been able to get a hold of the golf instructor to start golf lessons. I´m getting a bit annoyed not having any extra curriculars. Hopefully I´ll be able to get on that soon.
The package that my dad sent still hasn´t arrived and it´s been about a month. I´m starting to worry that it may have disappeared like international mail sometimes has a tendancy to do. We´ve put in an inquiry with USPS as to the location of the package, hopefully that will turn up some results.

That´s about it for now.