Monday, February 15, 2010


This Friday I hopped on a bus and traveled with my fellow AFS students to Asunción and then to Encarnación. We slept on the bus overnight and woke up close to Encarnación. The first day we first went to this really cool catholic church right by the river between Paraguay and Argentina. There we got to go up on this bell tower (not connected to the church) that only supported 6 people at a time (so warned the sign at the bottom). We got a wonderful view from there. Next we checked into our hotel and relaxed for a bit. A couple of us went looking for some lunch and ended up walking to the other side of the city to eat at SuperSeis. Although it was really far it was cool to get to see the city on foot. Around 5 the festivities began. There was a group of drummers playing samba music and people were starting to gather around the park. Our AFS guides warned us that anyone on the street was a target for shaving cream and water balloons. While walking around one of the exchange students got hit by a water balloon, but it didn´t burst. I grabbed it off the ground and chucked it back across the street from which it came and it exploded with a satisfying splash. When we got back we had a big shaving cream fight in front of the hotel. Afterward we all got together and went to Carnival, where they had essentially a giant parade of samba dancers. It was lots of fun. On Sunday we went to see some Jesuit ruins. It was absolutely amazing to see the intricate building designs and stone carvings that were all done with hand tools. I got some good pictures of the Jesuit ruins and I´ll post them sometime this week.

Had a great weekend, School starts Wednesday.
Chau :D

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